(This is a message put together by Gail from the R&H Message Board) Hi! Welcome to the Start of Project Ralph! Project Ralph is a idea for Robert and Holly Fans to raise money for Tristan's and Emma's favorite charities, Project Cuddle and the Starlight Foundation respectively. In case you did not know, Project Cuddle is a favorite charity of Tristan Rogers that helps save babies and help the mothers. Home - Starlight Starbright was co-founded by Emma Samms with her cousin Peter Samuelson to help sick children and their families. To prevent any problems or questions regarding donating, I have set it up that we can all donate individually by check or phone(credit card) and identify yourself as part of Project Ralph with a small note enclosed or a notation on the check or tell them when you donate. They will let us know how much we were able to raise! This way, you know where your money went and no one knows anyone else's business-- if you donated or how much. Any little bit helps. Starlight has a page listing the good that can be done with the smallest donation! Here is the information to donate! Mail a check to: Project Cuddle 2973 Harbor Blvd. #326 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Or call to donate with a credit card: (714) 432-9681 Please remember to mention Project Ralph!! Starlight Foundation- Donate online. You can use a credit card or paypal Friends of Starlight Starbright - General Donation Click Here
In case you are interested, Project Ralph was inspired by an infant found in the trash not 20 minutes from my house and less then 2 blocks from a safe haven- a church. Hopefully, we can help mothers know, they have an alternative. Thanks for any contribution you can make!! Please help make Project Ralph a success!!! Project Cuddle: Click Here
Starlight Foundation: Click Here