YouTube Video clips with everything from her movies, to TV roles from past & present ~ created by fans for your viewing pleasure!

Dynasty, The Colby's, Shadow of A Stranger, Delirious, Shrimp on the Barbie, Starquest, Treacherous Beauties, courtesy

Robert & Holly clips & music videos; Ellis Island, Goliath Awaits, Arabian Adventure, The Colby's, Holby City, some 1984 & 85 interviews,
Intimate Portrait, Emma & Tristan presenting at the 06 Emmy's, created by GMRC2:

Robert & Holly music videos by ace7722:

Emma on "The Bill", also Emma on Celebrity Scissorhands, created by caledonianbint:

Robert & Holly clips, Emma on Models Inc, American Photo, Circus of the Stars, Pat Sajak, AM San Fransisco, all created by EmmaFan01:

Robert & Holly clips/vids, and some of Holly from 2006, by RandHForever:

Robert & Holly music videos by DreeMac:

Robert & Holly clips/vids, Emma on Loose Women by TheFilmHo:

A little Robert & Holly, Emma's famous scene where Fallon is abducted by the UFO - by myself, Kpasa96:

Emma on The Magic of David Copperfield, by booyahmf:

Emma & Dynasty cast on UK Wogan, many Dynasty catfights, by DynastieFr:

A Robert & Holly music video by canmom3: