2007 Variety Telethon Des Moines, IA
Mar 3 & 4, 2007

Article from the Des Moines Register

WHBF TV 4 article
Variety of Iowa's site will soon have telethon recaps/photos: Variety of Iowa

Telethon pics from recording artist Samantha Murphy, who was also performed many songs at the telethon, she has one w/ Emma: Samantha's telethon pics &
Samantha Murphy MySpace

Recording artist Alyssa Simmons has past telethon photos on her myspace, some w/ Emma:
Alyssa Simmons MySpace

American Idol Finalist Megan Bobo also sang at the telethon, and will have some telethon details on her MySpace:
Megan Bobo's MySpace

Singer Darrin Otto has some pics of Emma on his myspace from last years' telethon, check for updates for this years:
Darrin Otto MySpace

Singer Dondino Melchiorre (& Donna Gummelt) wrote a book called My Sunshine Friend. It's in English & Spanish & comes w/ a CD. To learn more about the book & look at past Variety Telethon pics, visit the website: My Sunshine Friend

Recording artist Sara Routh also performed, her myspace:
Sara Routh MySpace

Miss Teen Iowa's MySpace

An Iowa couple blogged about the Variety Telethon: Lloyd & Vicki's blog